How Famous People Celebrate Christmas 2016 On Instagram

Ho Ho Ho! Had a good time for Christmas? We bet you had and also did our favorite celebrities on Instagram! Either fancy dresses, beautiful parties, or outdoors fun, they had a good time on Santa’s night. Because all that matters at this period of the year is to spend quality moments surrounded by friends and family, sharing a delicious meal, listening to great music and telling the funniest stories we have.

If you missed all the Celebrity fun because you were enjoying your night, we forgive you. That’s why we selected the best posts from the must fun people you surely love. We assure you’re going to take note of some tips for next Christmas party or new ideas of how you’re going to spend it next year.

Kendall Jenner

Our favorite Instagram Supermodel don’t miss any chance to spend Holidays with her family, and her favorite place to be is her mom’s Christmas Eve party. She put on a fancy but careless dress with red lips, and of course, a nice pair of high heels to rock the celebration moment next to her sisters and famous friends of the family. No boyfriend alert, tho.

Kendall Jenner

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Khloe Kardashian

The new stepmother who rented a private jet for her boyfriend’s baby birth looked really fancy on her mom’s party too. The must reckless of the Kardashian clan wore a golden and black sparkling dress and long blonde hair. Khloe took advantage of Santa that night and stole him a kiss for an Instapic.

Khloe Kardshian

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Paris Hilton

We were surprised when we saw Paris “the queen” Hilton at Kris Jenner’s party, since she’s Kim might not be happy with her presence. But as clearly, we saw, she had a good time not only with Kris but with Khloe. She joined the festivity with her sister and mom. Furthermore, she took a lot of pictures with all her other famous friend who also joined the great Jenner party. Although we expected to see her in a picture with Kim Kardashian, that would’ve been a nice comeback, wouldn’t it? Instead, she took a funny pic with Caitlyn Jenner and Santa.

Paris Hilton

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Kylie Jenner

Kylie’ love, Tyga, joined the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan to her mom’s party and they took a cute picture of themselves in a lovely moment where she grabbed the raper’s face almost for a kiss. She previously posted some photos of her outfit and unique gifts for her two little nieces coming from a special edition of her famous makeup company. We want to be Penelope and Nori!

Kylie Jenner

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Jared Leto

Girls, we know what you’re thinking. You wouldn’t mind leaving your mom’s cookies for climbing Christmas with this handsome. Jared is an extreme sports fanatics, and he spent Christmas resting on a hill with his friend. Previously he heated up Instagram with a sexy Santa pic from some years ago, and later he posted this wild and excellent way of spending the sweetest day of the year. For this reason and many other: We love you, Jared!

Jared Leto

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Katy Perry

We thought we’d seen everything we possibly could on Katy Perry’s Instagram or life in general. This year, the singer surprised the world with some pictures next to her naked and also famous boyfriend, Orlando Bloom. Later, on Halloween, she dressed up like Hilary Clinton and he did as Bill Clinton. Now, the both worse a Santa and Mrs. Claus costumes for a noble cause. These lovely guys spend his Christmas time at a children’s hospital in LA making everyone laugh and sharing some quality time. How cool she can be?

Katy Perry

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Last but not least. We could see the “Jenny from the block” side this Christmas with an adorable video of her mom coming home and singing in Spanish. Later, JLo posted a very personal picture sharing some thoughts about how she sits around her Christmas tree, to think about all the thigs she experienced during the year.

Feliz Navidad… #merrychristmas #lupehaslanded #grandmalove #mommy

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Now you have seen the best from the best! It’s time for you to share your favorite Christmas posts with us, and tell us about who’s your favorite celebrity during the Holidays.


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